What are the precautions for outdoor street lamp maintenance

2023-03-21 543

Before the rainy season every year, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of high pole lighting facilities, and promptly remove any dirt found to prevent insulation damage and short circuits.

The pole body should be regularly cleaned to keep it clean and tidy. Before the strong wind comes, the lamps should be reinforced or the cable should be tightened.

Before the arrival of the thunderstorm season every year, the ground anchor bolts, wind cables, etc. should be retightened to prevent lightning damage.

Frequently check whether the ballast is normal or not, and timely replace it in case of abnormality to avoid burning the electrical parts.

The structure of the lamp pole should be firm, and all connections should be tight and reliable to prevent theft and man-made damage.


Frequently check the circuits, lamp caps, switches, sockets, etc. for abnormal phenomena such as overheating, discoloration, and electrical leakage. Once found, repair them promptly, and replace components if necessary.

Frequently check whether all lamps and lanterns are in good condition. If there is any damage, it should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner to prevent fire caused by damaged lamps and lanterns.

Frequently check whether the power supply line is unblocked, and whether there are broken strands, broken wires, mixed wires, and unauthorized connections. If any, timely handle it to prevent accidents.

Frequently check whether the fire-fighting facilities and equipment are complete and intact, and regularly test their performance to ensure that they can be put into use in a timely manner in the event of a fire.

Frequently inspect the wiring and lamp body for excessive wear and deformation, and if so, promptly repair or replace them to extend their service life.

Frequently check whether safety measures are implemented, and timely rectify any unsafe factors to prevent accidents.